Thursday, 18 December 2014

Social Media Update

I attended a training session at The Incuba centre, Dunstable, recently.

Yo- Tool to remind people of events. As in, "give us a call when you get there" is replaced, by "give us a yo", or quick message. Or maybe in business, get people to subscribe to your yo's, and then when you release a new product, you send a you, with a quick link to where they can find out more.

Kickstarter-fundraising tool based on peoples’ pledges.

Facebook-constantly changing. Sharing and liking content increases views, more video is being sent out, suggestion that FB is becoming less influential and is no longer a forerunner.

Twitter- a pin is available for important tweets to be kept at the top of your account.

LinkedIn- Business network, can start discussion groups

LinkedIn Pulse- Business online magazine

Ello- new sort of facebook without advertising

YouTube- suggested to be viewed as a tv station. People subscribe and get notified when you upload another. Ease of upload nowadays.

Pinterest- Imaging sharing and links to common interests.

Vimeo-posh Youtube.

Buffer - tool to allow content to be scheduled. Latest blog from Buffer gives even more social media updates

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The difference between Facebook profile and a Facebook Page

1. People own Pages. Example: Sally Smith owns 'Big Nosy News'.

2. People can become friends with other people by sending a "Friend Request". Sally Smith can become Joe Bloggs friend

3. People "Like" Pages to get updates from Pages. Joe Bloggs can Like Big Nosy News.

4. Friends can view other friends photos, if the setting is "Friends".

If Big Nosy News has set up their Facebook as a person, and Joe Bloggs has become Big Nosy News friend, Big Nosy News can now see Joe's pictures! But Joe might not want a corporate body to see his pictures, The conclusion, if Joe is clued up, is that he might therefore decide not to become a friend of Big Nosy News.

If Big Nosy News has set up their Facebook as a corporate body, and Joe Bloggs has Liked 'Big Nosy News', Big Nosy News can now only see Joe's Public pictures.  This is better for Big Nosy News as Joe is more likely to Like them.

5. Friend often invite Friends to play games on Facebook. Big Nosy News hasn't time to play games and doesn't need those requests. As a corporate Page Big Nosy News won't get those requests.

6. Sally Smith who sets up the corporate 'Big Nosy News' Page can assign other administrator roles of the Page to other people without divulging their own personal passwords.

7. Read this file on Facebook. Important Reading!

8.  Companies and Organisations incorrectly set up as an individual profile rather than a company or organisation page can be converted through Facebook. It's straight forward, and converts Facebook Friends ‘Likes’ for the new page. Unfortunately, the new Page has to be repopulated from scratch. If you are wise, you'll set up your Page correctly in the first place. "Convert personal Page to corporate Page"

8. To start creating a Page from scratch, you must first have a  personal page. When you have a personal page the next step is in this image below. Enjoy!