Thursday, 18 December 2014

Social Media Update

I attended a training session at The Incuba centre, Dunstable, recently.

Yo- Tool to remind people of events. As in, "give us a call when you get there" is replaced, by "give us a yo", or quick message. Or maybe in business, get people to subscribe to your yo's, and then when you release a new product, you send a you, with a quick link to where they can find out more.

Kickstarter-fundraising tool based on peoples’ pledges.

Facebook-constantly changing. Sharing and liking content increases views, more video is being sent out, suggestion that FB is becoming less influential and is no longer a forerunner.

Twitter- a pin is available for important tweets to be kept at the top of your account.

LinkedIn- Business network, can start discussion groups

LinkedIn Pulse- Business online magazine

Ello- new sort of facebook without advertising

YouTube- suggested to be viewed as a tv station. People subscribe and get notified when you upload another. Ease of upload nowadays.

Pinterest- Imaging sharing and links to common interests.

Vimeo-posh Youtube.

Buffer - tool to allow content to be scheduled. Latest blog from Buffer gives even more social media updates

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The difference between Facebook profile and a Facebook Page

1. People own Pages. Example: Sally Smith owns 'Big Nosy News'.

2. People can become friends with other people by sending a "Friend Request". Sally Smith can become Joe Bloggs friend

3. People "Like" Pages to get updates from Pages. Joe Bloggs can Like Big Nosy News.

4. Friends can view other friends photos, if the setting is "Friends".

If Big Nosy News has set up their Facebook as a person, and Joe Bloggs has become Big Nosy News friend, Big Nosy News can now see Joe's pictures! But Joe might not want a corporate body to see his pictures, The conclusion, if Joe is clued up, is that he might therefore decide not to become a friend of Big Nosy News.

If Big Nosy News has set up their Facebook as a corporate body, and Joe Bloggs has Liked 'Big Nosy News', Big Nosy News can now only see Joe's Public pictures.  This is better for Big Nosy News as Joe is more likely to Like them.

5. Friend often invite Friends to play games on Facebook. Big Nosy News hasn't time to play games and doesn't need those requests. As a corporate Page Big Nosy News won't get those requests.

6. Sally Smith who sets up the corporate 'Big Nosy News' Page can assign other administrator roles of the Page to other people without divulging their own personal passwords.

7. Read this file on Facebook. Important Reading!

8.  Companies and Organisations incorrectly set up as an individual profile rather than a company or organisation page can be converted through Facebook. It's straight forward, and converts Facebook Friends ‘Likes’ for the new page. Unfortunately, the new Page has to be repopulated from scratch. If you are wise, you'll set up your Page correctly in the first place. "Convert personal Page to corporate Page"

8. To start creating a Page from scratch, you must first have a  personal page. When you have a personal page the next step is in this image below. Enjoy!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fascinating, Time Wasting, and Other Random Stuff on The Net

When you can't work at your PC because the sun is shining and the world is becoming you, simply make it rain. Sounds a bit silly, but it works for me. I find that that the sound of rain outside actually helps me to concentrate! This phenomena works because you just know that you can't go out!

Do you have a dirty screen? Then get it cleaned!

If you want to make money, take some advice!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

STV - Are Votes Fair? - Something I wrote in the 1980s

Are Votes Fair?

The Story of Fed-Upshire County By-Elections by Alan D. Winter

Purpose: A read and discuss document aimed at schools, education. An Argument for Repeal of the First Past The Post Electoral Method.

The election results were being announced for the three vacant seats on Fed-Upshire County Council. Party workers and helpers stood expectantly in huddles around the great hall.

"Here are the results of the Town division," announced the Returning Officer, " Harold Boggins, Conservative, 333; Fred Tike, Liberal Democrat, 1710; Benjamin Wasnik, Labour, 2957. I duly declare Benjamin Wasnik the county councillor for Town division."

Cheers from Labour supporters.

"Here are the results of the Country division. Mary Flower, Labour, 910; David Snelling, Liberal Democrat, 1754; Susan Topple, Conservative, 2113. I duly declare Susan Topple the County Councillor for Country Division."

Cheers from Conservative supporters.

Then, several hours later, after three recounts,
"Here are the results of the Village division. Graham Duke, Liberal Democrat 2040; Larry Lake, Labour 910; Samuel Rasping, Conservative, 2050. I duly declare Samuel Rasping the County Councillor for Village division."

More cheers from Conservative supporters.

" 2-1 to us " declared Tory agent John Minor. "I don't know how we have done it, but congratulations all round, team. "

Liberal Democrats looked the most down hearted. In all seats they had finished second. And there are no prizes for coming second. The closest they came to winning was in Village, pipped by 10 votes after three re-counts. Labour had won the Town seat and the Tories had won the Country and Village seats.

Labour had hoped to do better, but were content with winning one seat. Tony, the Labour agent, came over to speak to John, the Conservative agent.

"Congratulations. That was close thing in Village with the Liberals. "

"Yes. I didn't think we were going to make it. All turned out well in the end," smiled John.

On hearing this remark, Charles, the Liberal Democrat agent, interrupted them.
"Well, I suppose congratulations are in order, but I have to say, I did not think it turned out well at all. You Tories got less votes than us or Labour and yet you succeeded in electing two councillors. In fact, overall, we had a thousand more votes than Conservatives, and 500 more than Labour. The corrupt voting system wins again. Once again the voters are misrepresented in the Council chambers. "

Charles showed the other two the actual votes casts for all three seats.

" I don't mind telling you I am gutted, " continued Charles, "More voters voted for us than they did for Conservative or Labour, and yet we didn't get a single Liberal Democrat elected to the council. It isn't the Liberal Democrats I am sorry for, it is the voting public. They didn't get what they wanted. "


  1. Which party received the most votes overall?
  2. Which party achieved the most councillors elected?
  3. Do the 1133 votes cast for Labour in "Country" have any value in electing a Labour councillor for "Town" division?
  4. How will the votes of 5500 Liberal Democrat voters (more than a third of all the votes cast) find an expression in the council chamber?
  5. Find the party with the lowest Total number of votes. How will these voters be represented in the Council chamber?
  6. Is this system of elections fair?
  7. Can you suggest any improvements to the voting system to make it fairer?

Votes Cast In The Fed-Upshire Elections

Town Country Village Total
Conservative 337 2113 2050 4500
Liberal Democrats 1706 1754 2040 5500
Labour 2957 1133 910 5000
Total Votes 5000 5000 5000 15000

Directory of Articles about Single Transferable Vote, and other Voting Systems

© A. D. Winter

Friday, 19 September 2014

Typo "Leyton Buzzard"

Sent off an alert to MP Andrew Selous, today.
This wouldn't go down too well in part of his patch!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Graham with family in France

Photos by: Ross, Sue.

ROSS: ​​ Fred Briggs' grave, according to the official site he doesn't have one, well, we remember u Private Fred Briggs.

I never really truly understood war, or the sacrifice these men made, and I remind myself, this is nothing compared to all the war. RIP

Graveyard in Arras, 39000 dead here, and not even a quarter have a gravestone. (7 photos)

The last pic, of the wall, is covered completely in names, a wall attached is over 50 meters long and is 4-5 meters high, is engraved with tens of thousands of names, hard to get on one pic

5 names, one gravestone, WW1

Let me tell u a story, of my great great great uncle, Arthur Briggs. 100 years ago now he was a soldier, fighting for us in France. But he got news, his partner was pregnant and she had no income or house to look after the child in, so in desperation, Private Arthur Briggs ran away. He was caught eventually in Edinburgh and arrested. Then he was taken to France and court marshalled. He was shot at dawn for desertion and his body taken 70 miles away, and he was buried in Hersin, a French town near the front line with British soldiers who fell in battle. RIP all those who died unfairly.

Ross Winter I forgot to say, he married his partner 2 days before he was arrested and shot
6 August at 20:55 · Like

Sheila Winter Fred Winter was killed towards the end of the Great war aged 19. He has no known grave but is remembered on the Menin Gate . He would have
6 August at 21:53 · Like

Ross Winter We are visiting his memorial today 7 August at 06:42 · Like · 1

Alan Winter finish your sentences , Mum 7 August at 10:44 · Like

Ross Winter Wait, who Is Fred winter?
7 August at 15:26 · Like

Sheila Winter Ross.. sorrry i put the wrong name in It should have been Fred Townend. He was your Grandads Uncle...Your great great, Uncle He was in the Durham Light Infantry We have his certicate and photograph. 7 August at 19:28 · Like

Sue Winter Sheila Winter Is this him?

Private Fred Townend ( - 1917) - Find A Grave Memorial
7 August at 19:44 · Like

Sheila Winter It could be..... Geoff is going to check with his cousin for parents names Thanks for the link...
7 August at 20:16 · Like

Sheila Winter iT CAN'Tbe him as the names of parents are not the same..... unless something has got mixed up somehow.
7 August at 21:22 · Like

Alan Winter fred was in durham light infantry - died towards end of war aged about 19 24 hours ago · Like

On 11 August 2014 16:09, sheila winter wrote:
Can you do me a BIG favour 'Cos i am a bit thick... and cant do it meself
Can you put all Ross' Photos.. with his comments on France and the story ...That he has on facebook in to a slide show for me
Ive been trying trying all day to get to grips with it but cant get the comments to work.... PLEASE
My printer doesn't want towork either

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Kings Langley Cottage Restaurant

The Old Cottage Restaurant was run between 1953 to 1984 by Mrs I Wesson. Apparently Pat White was the husband of one of the ladies who worked in the restaurant. He was quite a well known person in the village and was a Parish Councillor amongst other things, but sadly the Parish Council do not have records going back to that time. There is a bench placed in the High Street in memory of Pat. Richard Garnett Harper believes it was Mr Pat White who died as a result of an accident on the crossing in the High Street. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Testing Irfanview 4.37

Using version 4.37 Irfanview

1. Open an image file.

2. Press left mouse button down, and "draw" a box where you want to add text.

3. Click Edit, Insert text.

4. Make the selections to match the selections in this example, then press Preview. This is what you get:

This is ok.

5. Make the selections to match the selections in this example, then press Preview. This is what you get:

X. This is wrong, the text should be aligned to the right of the box.

6. Make the selections to match the selections in this example, then press Preview. This is what you get:

This is ok.

7. Make the selections to match the selections in this example, then press Preview. This is what you get:

X. This is wrong, the text should be aligned to the right of the box.